Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lots of Rot Issue # 2

L.O.R #2 is almost done, still got a few sections to finish but its going good. It' gonna have interviews w/ Dick Lucas (Subhumans), Kieran( The Restarts), Record and Eaterie reviews, Veggie/Vegan recipes, Funnies, and other shit. Oh and a killer comp... I'll post some of the confirmed bands soon. I'll also post up some cool rex. -Hasta Luego

Sunday, July 11, 2010

From Ashes Rise

From Ashes Rise is playing at the Power of the Riff Fest Aug.8th at the echoplex.
Since they are one of my favorite fucking bands ever, here is there amazing first 7" Fragments of a Fallen Sky. Enjoy and be sure to check out all their other shit.
1.)Haunted Conscience
2.)All too Willing Target
3.)Driven To
4.)Product of Lust
5.)Drawing Circles
It was recorded in '97 and released on Clean Plate Records.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Urgent Fury Demo's 84-86

I found this records at Vinyl Solution in HB for $.99, i dont know who in there right mind would of sold this record. Every song on this is killer, sure tis their demo's but its still rad. If anyone has any of the studio recordings hit me up!!! Enjoy.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


2 new DVDs
*Rudimentary Peni "Live at the Venue '92" dvd available
*The Stalin(Japanese)-"Video Stalin" Includes videos for the songs Love Terrorist, Korea, New York Paranoia, Sex Man, and other rare footage from The Stalin. Bitchin'!
Ill also post up one of the legendary "Zig-Zag" concerts '82 featuring bands like Crass,Omega Tribe, Flux of Pink Indians, etc!.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Stuff From Jack ACid

The music is up for swap only.The videos are up for swap and sale. DVD/VHS are
10 bux ppd( sorry CA only, for now)
Here is a premature list of the music I have up so far:

*Chumbawamba- Un,WYS/WYG, Nevermind the Ballots,Pictures of Starving Children...
*Crass-All the albums, Demo's
*Rapt- Killer french noise/ punk
*Wretched-Libero Di Vievere, Libero Di Morire
*Guyana Punch Line- Direkt Aktion/Irritainment
*Leftover Crack- Fuck World Trade/ Mediocre Generica
*Choking Victim- No Gods No Managers
*Bolchoi- Excellent French Oi, includes 4-skins cover
*Gash-Female fronted Hardcore Punk from Australia
*A.L.F benefit comp- Chumbawamba,Oi Polloi,Anti-Heroes
Nature Core, Body Count+more
*Crackrock Steady 7/ F-minus split
*Curtainrail- To be with you(dropdead-esque japanese H/C
*LSD- Japanese HARDcore monsters, Discography
Warhead-What to do with this yearning/ The Lost and Beating Heart
(burning spirits japanese hardcore in the vein of DSB)
*Anti-Product- E.P's of A.P
*World Burns to Death-Sucking on the Missle Cock LP,Art of self destruction 7"
("No Fucking Copyright")
*Axiom-Impaled by Chaos/ Establishing a Culture of Resistance 7"
*Poison Girls-All Material
*Born Dead Icons"Modern Plague" 7"
*Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-"400 Fascist" 7"
Severed Head Of State- S/T (on communichaos) 7"
Abductee S.D- "Shit Disturbers"LP
* Seein' Red/ The Judas Iscariot(NOT the black metal band) Split LP
*Battle Of Disarm- split 7" w/ Snifter, split 7" w/ Fleas and Lice, Split LP w/ Underthreat.
From Ashes Rise- "Fragments of a Fallen Sky"7"
Imperial Leather- "A nobis factum optime est" 7"
*-Hellkrusher- Demo 1992
Penny Rimbaud & Eve Libertine (of Crass)-Acts of Love
* Axe Grinder- Unreleased demo #2
* Nausea "Alive in Holland DVD '91"(Ex. A/V quality)
*Conflict"Live in Long Beach" VHS, Very Good A/V quality)
* GISM(!!)- Anarchy Violence DVD (Over 1 1/2 hours of pure brutality. Includes two shows from '02 in honor of Randy Uchida(R.I.P),A show from '8?, and a short performance from "86. All of them excellent quality.)
* Why be something your not 2x DVD- Featuring performances and small interviews by The Necros, Negative approach, Displaced,Crucifucks(!),Fate unknown,Misfits. This also includes the "lost" episode featuring the motherfuckin' Big Boys.)



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lot Of Rot Ep. 3


1. IV Reich- Palabra de Dios (1000 anos de anarquia LPi; Bazofia Records)

2. Eskorbuto- Escupe la Bandera ( Ya no kedan mas cojones... LP; Orig. on Discos Suicidas '86

3.MG-15- Destruye y Huye (Caos Final Demo; '83 Throne)

4.Sin Dios- Terrorimo Paronal (Split 7" W/ Apatia No; La Idea '00)

5.Insomnio- Still Remember (Walking on the string 7"; No Way Rex '07

6.The Dickies- Nights in white satin (Locked and Loaded Live in London CD '91; TAANG Records '91)

7.Autistic Youth- Empty Eyes (Empty Eyes 7"; Blackwater Records '07)

8.C.C.M.F- Tellyson (400 Fascists 7"; Cessophonia '81)

9.The Vicious- Masshysteri (IGEN 7"; Feral Ward '07)

10.Formaldehyde Junkies- Neglegent Bing Of Self Destruction( S/T 7"; Fashionable Idiots '06)

12.Skitkids- En Gastrononisk Resa ( Onna For Pleasure LP; Adult Crash/ Not Enough '03)

13.INDK- Sunday Bombs ( Kill Whitey CD; Go Kart '02)

14.The Boys- Box Number 939 ( S/T LP: Nems Rex'77)

15. Attentat Sonore- Sheep in Wolf Clothes ( Barricades 7"; Maloka rex '05)

16.Active Minds- Fashion Mask (Dis is getting pathetic 7"; Looney Tunes '95)

17.Cross Stiches Eyes- Cast Out ( Coranach LP; Alternative Tentaacles '09)

18. Imperial Leather- 4' O Clock (Do you know where your children are CD; Profane Existance '08)

19.Uranus- Revolve ( To This the bearer of truth CD; Orig. on "Disaster by design" 7"' 95. Both on Great american steak religion.)

20.Born Dead Icons- Effigies ( Modern Plague 7"; Great American Steak Religion '01)

21. Gash- Because You are a Woman (S/T LP; Reactor '86)

22.Guyana Punch Line- Political Pig ( Irritainment for the masses 7"; X-Mist '00)

23.World Burns To Death- This War Can Go on Forever( This war can go on forever 7"; HG Fact'09

24.Blowback- I Make up my mind ( split 7" w/ World Burns To Death; HG Fact '09)

25.Lard- I wanna be a drug sniffing dog ( Pure Chewing Satisfaction CD; Alternative Tentacles '97)

26. From Ashes Rise- Driven to (Fragments of a Fallen Sky 7"; Clean Plate Records'97)

Long Live Punk!/Larga Vida Al Punk!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

L.O.R Ep. 2 Set List:

1.Dead Boys- Caught with the Meat in Your Mouth (Younger Louder & Snottier CD; Bomp'87)

2.Deskonocidos- Lo Siento (Problemas 7"; Lengua Armada '09)

3.Clit 45-It Aint Over ( 2,4,6,8...; BYO '06)

4.Annihilation Time- Get A Job (A.T 3; Tee Pee Records LP'08)

5.The Dicks- All Night Fever (Dicks Hate the Police 7" R Radical Records 1980)

6.Toxic Waste- As More Die( The A.L.F is Watching...LP No Masters Voice ??)

7.Civil Disobedience- Manufactured Citizens ( In Few Hours of Madness 7" Havoc '93)

8.El Dorko- Ramoan/Stop (Squatters Inc LP; Squatters Inc Recordings '95/96)

9.Native Fighters-Fucking Angry(Kocka LP; Maloka '04)

10.Adelitas-Somos Millones (Guerilla Armada Con Melodias CD;Malkriad@s '07)

11.Culture Shock- Pressure (Onwards & Upwards LP; Blurrg '87)

12.La Fraction- La Boite (La Vie Revee LP; Feral Ward '06)

13.Crude- Face To State(1999 LP; Feral Ward '09. Orig on Straight Up Records)

14.Consume- 2nd Class Citizen (Split LP W/ Born Dead; Yellow Dog '03)

15.Moderat Likvidation- Tio Timmar; Marionett I Kedjor 7"; Havoc '06. Orig '83)

16.Desobedencia Civil- Nuestro Sentir-(No Hay Libertad Sin Desobedencia CD; EBofM'04

17.Icons of Filth-A Measure of Insecurity(Used,Abused,and Amused 7";CorpusChristi'83

18.Infest-Rabid Pigs(No Mans Slave LP; Draw Blank/Deep Six. Released 2002)

19.Doom- Dig Your Own Grave(Greatest Invention LP;Vinyl Japan '92)

20.Urgent Fury- Just A Cog in the Corporate World( Demos 84-88 10"; Broken Rekids'92

21.Iowaska- Mother Earth( Vine Of Souls CD; Alternative Tentacles'00)

22.Chronicle A.D- Bloodsport War( Bloodsport War 7"; Loderbrock Records'05)

23.Brutal Knights-Hard Candy Cock(Terrible Evenings 7";P Trash '07)

24.Crass- Punk is Dead-(Demos 77-79; ????????)

25.Chumbawamba- Bad Dog(Showbusiness CD. Mutual Aid/AK Press Allied Recordings. Recorded in '04.Orig on the "Anarchy" album on On Little Indian.

*Dont forget about the Jack Acid Society! i still got some killer tunes available for swap and a new DVD, its "Misfits Live in Detroit ( it says '81 but I think its more around 82' 83' because they play stuff from their "new" album Earth A.D) and Live in '97 (featuring the "American Psycho" line-up playing old Misfits songs as well). Both shows have great audio and video quality totaling more than 2 hours!!!)
* I need help translating some of my records. Im sure some of you too. Maybe we can help each other out?. Japanese, Polish, Swedish,Danish... you name it i don't know it. I need help translating records in these and many other languages, I am fluent in both English and Spanish so if anyone needs any help translating from english-spanish or vice versa, i can help with that, just contact me and we can work something out. So if ANYONE knows French and can help me out with the Sleazy Joke "Mafia Politica" album, i would be ever so grateful.